A Proposed Learning Methodology

In 2015, I summarized in a patent application a “System and Method for Authoring and Delivering Online Educational Courses”. The core of this system is a sequence of the following 7 learning activities:

  1. Focus: what is it that you are trying to learn? what is your goal? What is the scope of the learning module/unit you are studying with?
  2. Observe: a teacher/expert provides a presentation of the associated knowledge and skills needed. What is actually new for you? What will you need to assimilate?
  3. Experiment: try out new concepts and skills and see how you can make sense of them. Figure out how you will increase your overall abilities by incorporating these.
  4. Explore: what other information is  available out there relate to these concepts, how do they help to reinforce and solidify your new knowledge/skills.
  5. Create: You invent something. You show the new concepts and skills are yours, you make them your own.
  6. Share: You share your invention with others and engage in a conversation about others creations.
  7. Assess: take a final test that will rate your performance. See how you are doing and how much you have retained and improved as per your learning goals.
“Did you leave high school with incomplete courses in Maths and Physics? Do you need to catch up on those? We can help.
We invite you to experience Maths and Physics in a new way that is highly interactive and meaningful.
We have designed and build more than 100 learning interactions bridging the gap between mathematical abstraction and real world applications. (eventually having 1000 will be the goal)
 Our goal is to create opportunities for learners to own the essential concepts. Our motto is “this is yours! make it your own”
We hope that our contribution will give many people a good chance at understanding and mastering the essential of Maths and Physics.”