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LEVEL 2 – Knowledge Cards


LEVEL 5 – Adapter


Attribute Description

Not all games for learning start with designing a game from scratch. In many cases, learning can be adapted to existing non-learning games when all the elements and principles of good learning games are considered. Earning the Adapter Attribute illustrates the extra time taken to consider the best way to adapt an existing noneducational game for learning purposes with a focus on how mechanics from the game empower learners in a way that enhances education.

LEVEL 4 – Constructionist

Attribute Description

At the heart of learning how to design games for learning, you have focused your efforts on the construction of games. This entails not simply creating games but constructing them from knowledge across your training experience into a development tool, building an understanding as we go through analysis and evaluation. To earn the constructionist attribute, you have demonstrated you are capable of guiding yourself through learning the tools necessary to create digital learning games — game engines.

LEVEL 4 – Evaluator


Attribute Description

Games for learning focus on the key takeaway of transferring knowledge experienced within a game to the world outside of the game. To accomplish this, however, one must learn how to evaluate the actions taken by players in order to determine the best rewards for demonstrating knowledge development. To earn the Evaluator Attribute, you have considered how to combine a system of scoring, reward, and assessment to align with defined learning objectives in a game. This skill enables you to best evaluate a gameplay scenario as an achievement of learning.

LEVEL 3 – Referee



Attribute Description

You’ve proved that you can referee a game with the best of them. The Referee Attribute shows your hard work in designing and developing rules for a game that allows a player to win or lose. Along with recognizing how one writes rules for players to use, you had to determine what mechanic would drive the rules — the core dynamic — to complete the game’s core loop and communicate those through written instructions which are vital to any analog game.

LEVEL 3 – Ludology



Attribute Description

Mechanics are at the heart of every game; they fuel the interaction that players experience in order to progress and eventually win or lose. To earn the Ludology Attribute, you’ve proved yourself to be a true Ludologist (one who focuses on gameplay as the main driving force for a game over narrative) and were able to generate a core loop around the central mechanic of a game. But when working with serious games that are gameplay-driven, you also need to know where the learning happens. You’ve demonstrated mastery of this for serious games by aligning learning to the activities players perform.

LEVEL 2 – Narratology


Attribute Description

You’ve mastered the art of Narratology, the study of stories. In this case, the study of stories for learning through games. Breaking down stories to weave in meaningful learning opportunities is a practice that must be mastered. The complex stories used in game-based learning require an understanding of what the player control versus designer control looks like in the learning experience.

LEVEL 2 – GameStorming


Attribute Description

You have mastered the process of GameStorming, exploring different methods for generating new ideas for games-based learning. Ideation is only one aspect of GameStorming however; once you have ideas, you have further demonstrated your ability to turn those ideas into complex stories ready to embed learning into.


LEVEL 1 – Blogger

Attribute Description

You have mastered the art of recording your thoughts and reflections in a meaningful way. Reflection is a powerful learning tool as it helps one establish and make connections beyond any course content by engaging with personal experiences. Mastering this attribute means you are ready to take on increasingly more complex problems to sort through by reflecting on your experience with them.

LEVEL 1 – Player

Attribute Description

You have mastered the art of becoming the player, one who not only plays games for fun but is able to pay attention to what goes on to compare with other experiences. Play is a fundamental part of learning, while not all forms of play may be fun to every learner, that does not mean that learning is not occurring but that it may be occurring in a different way. Mastering this attribute means you have started on the path to understanding how to utilize this through being the learner.


trainee badge WSSG Design Academy

Awarded for completing requirements in group 2022FS-IS_LT-7384-01: LEVEL 0

Trainee Badge
Offered by WSSG Design Academy
Aug 31, 2022





analyzer badge

Awarded for completing requirements in group 2022FS-IS_LT-7384-01: LEVEL 1 | Playing & Analyzing Games [Week 1 – Week 2]

Awarded by WSSG Design Academy
Sept 3, 2022





Awarded for completing requirements in group 2022FS-IS_LT-7384-01: LEVEL 2 | GameStorming and Story Writing [Week 3 – Week 6]

Deviser Badge
Awarded by WSSG Design Academy
Oct 1, 2022







Prototyper Badge
Awarded by WSSG Design Academy


Creator Badge
Awarded by WSSG Design Academy
on Dec 9 – Level 4



Designer Badge
Awarded by WSSG Design Academy
on Dec 18 – Level 5