Intro to advanced game design

Part 1

I selected the article “Student engagement and learning with PhET interactive simulations”

The authors explored simulation factors that most influence students to gain a deeper conceptual understanding and develop the thinking habits of an expert. They asserted that three critical aspects contribute to students’ behavior change. Sims that 1) show the invisible inner workings, 2) use analogies, and 3) provide little to no guidance (but with appropriate scaffolding and open conceptual questions) are the ones that provide the best learning outcomes. In addition, sims must include balanced challenges, as simulations that are too complicated or too intimidating do not work either. Finally, students developed a mental framework from experimenting and self-questioning, which is a critical first step for developing further connections and understanding of the physics material.

The article broadened my understanding of simulations compared to learning games.  Indeed, simulations provide a safe environment where students gain control of their learning path and can self-guide.  Simulations tap into intrinsic motivation, allowing students to develop inner questions based on their learning needs and desire to understand how things work.

Part 2

I am a lifelong learner, educator, designer, and developer with 25+ years of professional experience in various fields of education and training. As a mature student enrolled in the Serious Game and Simulation Design Graduate Certificate, I look forward to developing further my designer skills and giving myself the best chance to succeed in future endeavors.

Quiz results:

According to the quiz, my profile is “People watchers .”I am Impressed that so few questions can help determine a well-aligned profile, except that I like using measures to assess my work in addition to sense. I believe in both ways, as I do not see them as mutually exclusive. Similarly, I like big ideas, but designing and working with details can be fun. One person could wear different glasses to make it happen. Overall, a fun and sparkling quiz.