Level 4 Assessment Plan

Players progress through the game by completing levels. The first levels focus on exploring the problems and knowing more about the tools that can be used to solve problems. The final levels will focus on using the tools to create solutions.

See more details with feedback annotation here (PDF file):annotated-assessment-plan-engineer-your-way

Additional feedback: (to be used for next iteration)

  • Very nice assessment plan, Kay! I’ve annotated notes throughout the document, so do check the annotated version out so my comments are more in-line with the different sections. You have quite a bit of progress with how you will assess and provide feedback to players which is great.
  • I would like to know a bit more about how the threshold for physics skills is determined as that wasn’t quite as clear to me.
  • I also think it may be helpful to consider the user interface (UI) as well so the feedback is visually presented in a way that doesn’t detract from the mechanics of the game – what comes to mind immediately was a “dashboard” that would be very similar to what we have in cars with all the gauges and indicators, and to use this format to embed your assessment indicators as well. (this is a suggestion however!).
  • I think in terms to role-playing, you have a well-explained role for players to assume and how you decide to carry the story will improve the role-player further. The mixing of humans and aliens strengthens the story quite a bit as well and adds more meaning to why the player is on Earth and has to abide by “Earth’s gravity and other factors!” rather than other planet’s laws of physics. This design is really coming together!