Level 4 Client LIVE Communication

(DONE) Level 3 design summary: level3-assignment-kaymo-v3 [PDF]

Communication with friends/family members (keeping player person in mind):

discussed title of the game. Web search of my new game title (engineer your way) : found the site “engineer your world” . Nice to see similarity.

– discussed mechanics: driving a test car as realistic as possible with crash effects. Found the Unity store asset RCC (Realistic Car controller).

– discussed dynamics: “escape” the city Friday afternoon and get to enjoy nature and wildlife for the week-end. Each level will require to solve problems and find “solutions“. (Last levels could allow players to “create” ways that optimize everything.) -DONE: reduced dynamics
“Core Dynamics are the driving factor to “win” or “satisfy the user need” while other mechanics can support the core dynamic. So, you may want to explore the breakdown of what you want players to do and if the other dynamics are supporting the players ability to say Construct – so one core dynamic that forms the core loop but other mechanics that have their own loops that enable progression of the core loop (we haven’t gone into super complex designs in our previous course).
 DO: clarify “win” in my sim game.

– RCC asset playtesting:

URL (wip): https://kay6.itch.io/engineer-your-way

  • showed me how to drive and accelerate the car using the mouse and the joystick.
  • test drive in and out of the city going through the mountain
  • provided multiple feedback on velocity arrow design and prototyping

– discussed how to use the RCC asset to design my simulation game: limitations and possibilities. Discussed scaffolding using levels with increasing difficulty.

-discussed how to provide learners with learning assessment. Only one quiz at the end of each level. Immediate feedback reinforces learning. No points for quizzes, quiz success allows to pass a level and move to the next level. Learners can experiment as long as they need to to succeed. Level 1 will ask players to match physics concepts with graphics elements)

-brainstormed and created a background story, counters, and players’ goals :

  •  stay as long as possible working Friday afternoon at the office earning $$$$
  • stay as little as possible in traffic jams
  • have no accidents. safe space to test – but within reason. Those constraints will prove helpful for keeping players engaged and not lose interest.” DO: keep in mind
  • get to arrive to chill at their refuge (sanctuary) out of the city, enjoy a natural event (animals drinking at the river just before sunset), also is expected by friends have dinner together.
  • leave as late as possible on Monday, could be a volunteer at a wildilfe rehab center and take car of animals well being and feed them before going, maybe some random event there and need to recalculate traffic
  • trade off is to arrive as early as possible to park the car, no accidents, no time wasted in traffic
  • “Natural breaks within the game also will help for getting players to “step away” and not continually engage – which can have negative consequences.” DO: keep in mind


  1. Work more $$$$
  2. Well being: trees iconsPark full of people isolated icons set vector. Male and female resting, children playing with ball, mom and child eating ice cream. Bikers on bicycles
  3. Societal benefits: Heart in palms flat vector icon. Human flat vector icon
  4. Driving skills: icon tbd

Discussed to refined Level 1: test drive the car get out the city, get in the city get familiar with the test car and roads. Get driving skills when all check points are passed. No other counters

Tried to elaborate the GOAL of the game: maximize all counters, achieve and complete all 4 aspects of the game.