Unity Game Engine Skills

Design Instructions:

To get started, you’ll be creating a new Unity Project with a brand new scene. Think of one additional simple environment to model out. After you’ve finished creating your environment, the next step will be to apply various materials to those GameObject so that we can easily tell what those items are.  We will also want to add and adjust the light of your scene.

Finally, adjust your camera to keep your scene in view and:

  1. Block out a simple scene in Unity using the base GameObjects available to you
  2. Scale and rotate the objects to help layout your scene.
  3. Add materials to your GameObjects
  4. Adjust/Add lighting to your scene
  5. Position your camera and verify your work will be shown in the Game view.
  6. Build and Export your project to itch.io
  7. Submit a link to your project here.

Port Scene design with Unity:

DEMO URL: https://kay6.itch.io/port-scene-with-material-and-texture