Connecting Readings with game

Provide your own example that distinguishes between novices and experts in a field.

Experts have an intuitive understanding compared to novices who follow step-by-step procedures. For example, expert golfers can sense when a putt they just hit will get into the hole where novices have to wait to see the result. Experts know that when they fail to assemble all that is required to excel in this shot, they can shortcut to the flawed pieces. In contrast, novices are frustrated and have limited insight into their mistakes as they can not hold all components of a great putt into memory.

In your mentor game, compare how failure is used to motivate players to keep playing compared to the Mario example given in the Mario Effect video.

In my mentor game (Ludwig), failure is not managed positively to motivate and guide players to learn from their mistakes. When you fail, you are stuck. I did not see any scaffolding allowing the player that failed steps could learn something and redo it. It is a design mistake when we know that many physicists have made discoveries while researching in a trial and error mode. Mario allows for this: you may fall into a pit, but you can try again, having learned something.