Indie project Preliminary Design

Indie project Preliminary Design

Title: (tentative) Engineer your way through traffic

-What problem are you trying to address (include a simple topic area description):

Players will have to imagine and implement how to synchronize 3 sets of traffic lights to improve the flow of road users. Students could use various types of vehicles and needs and consider societal aspects (with a twist).
Describe a 3D movement using concepts such as acceleration, velocity, speed, distance, and time and associated graphs (such as speed vs. time).

-Who is the intended audience:

Vocational/technical high school or college students studying to pursue careers (civil engineers’ assistants, mechatronics). They typically struggle with traditional math and physics classes therefore this game will be an opportunity to have more fun and enjoy learning about concepts and practice as they apply them.

-What are the learning objectives to get you started:

• Simulate a vehicle acceleration, speed.
• Clarify physics concepts
• Calculate time and distance.
• Converting units.
• Understand acceleration (speed, distance) vs. time graphs
• Manage frequency and time parameters for lights switches.

-What support do you have for obtaining learning content materials*

We will have an ongoing lab experiment going on with virtual and physical simulations.
The game design may be influenced by students’ ideas. I can generate data sets, images, etc. The game engine is Unity.
We will also use Virtual labs with:
and Tinkercad for microbit:
Physical: circuit with 3 LEDS, 3 resistance, a micro:bit card, a PC and connectors. Optional: we have 2 small vehicles that could be equipped with cards and receive direct commands.